How to heat a quartz banger

Posted by Dave Powell on

First things first,  turn on your torch! Carefully, heat up the walls of the quartz banger and travel to the bottom of the bucket. The goal is to get the majority of the banger hot, especially the bottom of the bucket, where the oil/wax/shatter/hash/rosin  will be making the most contact with the glass. It will take about 45 seconds to get the quartz banger hot.  Next, you will wait for your nail to cool down to about ~550° , about 1 minute to 1 minute 15 seconds. 

Last but not least, Dab up!


**Your torch should be about 1” inch away from the quartz banger when you are heating it up. 

**It is also very important not to aim the flame directly at your dab rig that your quartz banger is sitting in. Nobody wants to accidentally break their glass rig! That's a big no no.

Ways to heat a quartz banger

1)  Heat up and Cool down: The most common method of heating up a quartz banger is by heating the banger up fully and letting it cool down to 550° (roughly 60-70 seconds). This way we know the whole nail is hot and you will not be taking too low of a temp dab. 

2) Cold Start : Cold starts are fast and easy, especially if you are in a hurry. Place your concentrate into your quartz banger. Next, place your carb cap on your banger. Heat the bottom of the bucket for 8 seconds and the walls for 4 seconds with your torch. Set down your torch, and your dab is ready to smoke!

When Should you  re-heat your quartz banger

If you think you got too much of a low of a temp dab and desire more, go for it! Take your torch and heat up the bottom of your banger for 5-6 seconds. Since our bubble caps are also made of quartz it makes reheating your nail that much more safe, and your bubble cap will remain cool.