Maintaining a 14mm quartz banger

Posted by Matt B on

Maintaining your 14mm quartz banger is important in prolonging the longevity of your quartz bangers career. Nobody wants a cloudy banger that does not have good heat retention, and we are all about the flavor here folks! That is why we q-tip our bangers with isopropyl alcohol after every dab to clean up any residue left over from each dab. Heating up your 14mm quartz banger when there is still oil residue in your banger bucket is what we call in the scene “Chazzing” the banger, a big no no. This will leave oil concentrate stains all inside your beautiful 14mm quartz banger bucket, and if repeated over and over again, will diminish the longevity of your quartz bangers' heat retention.

Why is 14mm such a popular sized quartz banger?

The 14mm quartz banger is one of our best selling products on the market. It is one of the most sought after quartz banger sizes because of the popularity of the 14mm female joint fittings that many glass artists use on their rigs; mostly due to the aesthetics that many artists prefer that comes along with the 14mm female joint shape.

Remember: A 14mm male joint goes inside a 14mm female joint.

Steps to maintain your 14mm quartz banger

Key approaches to making sure your 14mm quartz banger stays clean for as long as possible.

  1. Q-tip your 14mm quartz banger with isopropyl alcohol after each dab
  2. Make sure your 14mm quartz banger is completely clean before you torch up the banger. (Do not Chazz the banger)
  3. Whisper sweet nothings into your 14mm quartz banger's ear.
  4. Do not drop on the carpet when the 14mm quartz banger is hot!That is an instant chazz on the exterior of the quartz bucket which will not go away.
  5. Be mindful of your surroundings and have a fun time. #TeamHREAM

Why is maintaining your 14mm quartz banger important?

Why is it important to keep your 14mm quartz banger clean?!? For many reasons. One, if  you do not clean your quartz  bangers after every use, you will be heating up oil residue from the previous dab and that will stain your quartz. If repeated over and over again, your nail will lose its heat retention (will not stay hot as long), and will cool down at a faster rate. Second, it does NOT look  inviting to many people seeing a crusty, cloudy, quartz nail, people want to enjoy the  experience. Third, and as we said before, we are ALL about that flavor of the concentrates which comes from having a clean satiny quartz banger. Enjoy the terps and let the good times roll.