Guide to Dabbing with a Quartz Banger

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Guide and tips to dabbing with a quartz banger

What is a Dab?

what is a dab
AA dab is simply cannabis concentrate.
Most of the plant material has been removed and you are left with a much more potent product.

Dabbing vaporizes the concentrate when heated.

"While bud tends to test between 15-25% THC, concentrates typically range between 50-80% THC, depending on the extract type and quality."
-Bailey Rahn of Leafly

So What Do You Need to Get Started Dabbing?

  • Dab Rig -This is your water pipe or bong- just make sure it has a fitting for the banger.
  • Quartz Banger -The quartz banger will last and ensures the highest quality flavor.
  • Dabber -This is the tool you will need to place the concentrate into the banger.
  • Carb Cap -The Cap will help to regulate the airflow.
  • Torch -A mini torch to heat up the banger.
  • Cannabis Extract -The most important part-your concentrate (Hash, Rosin, Shatter, Wax)

Don't Overcomplicate It.


It's actually pretty simple. If you have used a water pipe and a bowl, you're good.
The effects are, however, much more powerful.

With that being said- you may want to be sitting down in a comfy spot to start.

pauly from sopranos

Here are some of the benefits to quartz bangers.

quartz banger
  • Quartz bangers can withstand extreme temperatures without breaking.
  • Quartz bangers will last significantly longer than traditional glass nails because of their ability to absorb the heat.
  • The quartz banger will heat up three times quicker than using a ceramic or titanium nail.
  • Quartz is known to be a safer alternative to titanium or ceramic because it does not emit harmful gases when heated.
  • Quartz bangers are also perfect for low-temp dabs because it can be heated quickly and cool down to your desired temperature.
  • Dabbing at lower temperatures will give you the best effect and better flavor.

            Heating your Quartz Banger

            Heat your quartz banger to the ideal temperature.
            You will see it will show spots of glowing red once you see that stop heating your nail, you don't want it to be all red-hot.
            Once your nail is heated, let it cool down for about 60 seconds


            Remember to get the best flavor and effect you want a low-temp dab.

             Carb caps are essential.

            When dabbing at lower temperatures you want a carb cap to ensure that your concentrates are vaporized and nothing goes to waste. 

            carb caps

            Carb caps simply restricts the airflow in your quartz banger for a low-temp dab.

             Happy dabbing!