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Why Choose a Banger VS. Dab Nail?

Posted by Matt B on

Why Choose a Banger VS. Dab Nail?

May 5, 2021

What is a Banger?

Is a banger a nail

A banger is a quartz nail. When you heat up your banger on your rig, it will vaporize the concentrate inside. It heats quickly and holds great heat retention, releasing it through the dab rig. All quartz banger nail fabrications consist of  a  bucket connected to a bend ergonomically balanced for divine aesthetics.


What’s the Difference Between a banger and a nail?

Quave’s quartz bangers are more durable, highest quality, with quicker heat ups and longer heat retention. A Quave banger takes all measures of excellence into consideration.

Quave Club Bangers

With Quave, our bangers are hand-crafted and all of our products are made right here in Seattle, Washington. We assure the highest quality every time. 

We have the experience in the industry to take care of any questions you may have.

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What’s the Difference Between a banger and a nail?

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