Why is my quartz banger turning black?

Posted by Matt B on

Quartz bangers offer the greatest tasting rips from your rig. Low temp dabs have made their debut, but we are not all about wasting it just to taste it, we want the whole shabang, the flavor and the feeling. So how do we maximize our quartz banger longevity and why is it that they can turn black? Quave Club Bangers has been around for almost a decade now so we have seen quartz bangers range from very well maintained, clean and shiny for many years, to quartz bangers whose life spans dwindled too soon… QCB wants everyone to have their bangers in top notch condition so that their experience is one they can share with their friends!

How to prevent your quartz banger from turning crusty and black

*Option one, very highly recommended, is using isopropyl alcohol. After you are finished taking a dab it is very important to swab away any residual concentrate left in the quartz banger. Doing so prevents the next person from taking a dab out of that same banger and chazzing your nail (burning the leftover concentrate onto the nail).
The dreadful bond that not a soul wants on their quartz banger.

*Option 2, is purchasing an insert for your quartz banger. Inserts have been becoming more popular over the years. They help by not letting the concentrate make direct contact with the quartz banger, allowing the inner walls of your banger to remain pure and not turn black from someone accidentally chazzing your banger.

People can buy quartz inserts, boro inserts, or even ruby inserts for their bangers. Some people are a fan of the insert, some not so much. Since it is an insert, it will have to fit inside the quartz banger’s inner wall dimensions, which will reduce the surface area where your concentrate and terp pearls will be spinning around (smaller dabs).

It is up to YOU to keep your banger clean!

Some people do not care if not every last bit of the concentrate is completely wiped out of your quartz banger and some people take it personally if you are ill-mannered and do not follow the proper cleaning procedure. That being said, it is always polite to wash your dishes when you are finished eating and you should always wipe your A$$ when you are done using the bathroom. Having q-tips and isopropyl alcohol ready to use when you or your friend have finished dabbing is a big helping hand that goes a long way. It is easy to forget to clean your quartz banger sometimes but we promise you it is worth it in the long haul. The cleaner the nail the tastier the smoke. The crustier the nail the less flavor you will be inhaling.

What do I do if my nail is already crusty and black?

Time to get online and purchase a new QuaveCB quartz banger! We offer a 10% discount for customers who subscribe to our newsletter, so take advantage of that order! We have many options to select from: quartz banger flat tops, quartz banger angle cuts, carb caps, binary bangers, charmers, and charms are our pride and joy!

Let us know what type of quartz nail you are looking for and we will do our best to make that happen. Happy hunting!