Will any dab rig work with a quartz banger?

Posted by Dave Powell on

Absolutely! We offer the option of 9 different joint sizes:
-10mm Male/Female
-12mm Male
-11mm Male/Female
-14mm Male/Female
-18mm Male/Female

Most, if not all, dab rigs are made with one of these joint sizes. If you have a rig, we have a quartz banger for you! Our quartz bangers are designed to fit any rig out there that has a joint size that can match the above dimensions.

Having an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic quartz banger is what we are all about.
Each individual item is handmade from beginning to end with a rigorous quality control protocol, to ensure your banger will be perfect for your rig.

Getting the correct quartz banger joint size

First things first, you need to figure out what size joint is on your dab rig. If it is a Female joint or a Male joint.

joint size

When there is a female joint fitting on a dab rig, you will use a male quartz banger, and when there is a male joint fitting on a dab rig, you will use a female quartz banger.
(Use the diagram, with the penny, above to identify which size your joint is)

Most popular joint size for quartz banger

The most popular quartz bangers are the 10mm male 90° quartz banger and the 14mm male 90° quartz banger. What makes them so different and popular you may be asking yourself? Well, every glass artist, when they are finishing a dab rig, is left with a decision to make for the aesthetics of their piece: What type of joint size and angle would look best for this piece?

* The general consensus of many glass artists is that they like the look of the
“Banger Hanger” aesthetic; which is: A female 90° joint on a rig that accepts a male joint quartz banger, typically with a 90° neck bend. *

That being said, there are still many other sizes that are extremely popular as well! The 10mm male 45°, 14mm Female 90°, 14mm female 45°, all extremely admired quartz banger sizes that many artists utilize with their works.