14mm Male Angle Banger

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The banger that revolutionized the way we smoke today. The angle cut banger was the first banger manifested by the man himself, Quave. The angle cut banger has a 24mm bucket with a 10mm hole pop from the bottom of the bucket to the joint weld. The simplicity of the model is not designed for a colossal dab, it is rather for your small-medium sized concentrates. Like all of our buckets, the flat bottom of the bucket is 4mm thick for optimal heat retention and 100% flat for your concentrates to travel swimmingly.
The OG angle cut banger is not designed to have a bubble cap as a carb cap. The flat angle cut bangers work best with flat maria caps. Fun fact, before there were even carb caps in the game, we all just used crystals, rocks, or whatever was laying around.